Why Licorice root extract is good for your skin

Why Licorice root extract is good for your skin

The term licorice is reminiscent of the childhood pleasure of indulging in the delightful dark sweets. With the advent of the natural skincare wave, I am constantly discovering new amazing plant extracts. Naturally, I was amused to learn of licorice root extract as a skincare ingredient. The root, native to the Middle East and Asia, has been used medicinally for years, taken internally and applied topically too. It is also the source of the familiar flavor of the candy. Our focus though, is on the skin care benefits as these are what led to its inclusion in our Eventone products.

1. Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory-Licorice has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to a compound it contains called glycyrrhizin. This makes it ideal for fighting acne and soothing inflammatory skin conditions like eczema by helping to reduce redness, irritation and swelling.

2. Sun Protection- Licorice root also contains glabridin, which is known to help stop discoloration during and right after sun exposure. Glabridin  has enzymes which block UV rays, hence preventing new skin damage.

3. Skin Brightening- Reducing hyperpigmentation is probably Licorice extract’s most well-known skin care benefit. Hyperpigmentation occurs when skin produces more melanin in certain spots than others, causing an uneven skin tone. Licorice root extract prevents dark spots from forming on the skin and also helps to fade existing ones.

4. Softens skin- Licorice can help with regeneration of collagen and elastin supply in our skin. We need these to keep our skin soft and elastic and slow down ageing.

 Licorice extract can be used in various forms, at Green Essentials, it is a vital ingredient in our Eventone face cream, body lotion and shower gel.

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